The Surfing Federation of India is India‘s governing authority for surfing.

India entered the international surfing scene with the recognition of the Surfing India Association by the International Surfing Association, the world’s governing body for surfing. Surfing Federation of India, formerly Surfing India Association, was initiated by a group of surfers from (Mantra Surf Club) Mulki, Karnataka, South India. Mr. Kishore Kumar, the first president of the association, is also the promoter of SFI and is involved in the development of the sport in the country.

SFI has already initiated India’s first Surf Camp along with Bay of Life in December 2011 at Chennai and has overseen India’s first Surf festival at Orissa.[1]

Surfing Federation of India official website:

The federation is actively involved in educating the various state governments in India about surfing and stand up paddling as a tool for tourism development in India.