A three-day celebration of Art, Adventure & Music // 25Th - 27Th January 2013.

What's On

About SUP Race

The elite race will begin with water start out through the surf and around the starting buoy. Depending on conditions for the day, the course will either test the participant's balance and speed through the river inlet or put participants head to head in a technical Battle of Paddle style course with buoy turns in and out of the surf with beach runs in between. Depending on the number of competitors entered, this course may be run in heats of 4-5 racers at a time. Racers will finish on the beach as well and must have their paddle in hand to qualify. The event will be spectator friendly and will be a joy to observe as athletes have their skills put to the test. Athletes will be competing for the ISF SUP Cup title.

The recreational race will begin approximately 30 minutes after the elite racers finish. This race will also consist of a beach start and finish but will run in the calm waters of the river adjacent to Lotus Resort. Paddlers will sprint across flat waters to strategically place buoys, make the turns, and return to the beach where they must finish with a paddle in hand. Depending on the number of competitors entered, this course may be run in heats of 4-5 racers at a time.

Assemble your best team! The sprint-relay race will begin after the recreational racers have had some time to rest. Teams of 4-5 will perform a relay-style race with a maximum of two elite racers. The overall team that wins will hold the ISF SUP Cup team title.

All important rules will be covered in the racers meeting before race start.

Please contact the ISF team for race information & rules.

Members of the federation from Mulki will conduct and supervise the overall race conditions.
Surfing Swami giving the opening ceremony speech and TV interviews at the Orissa Surf and SUP Festival.
Surfing Swami gave an inspiring speech about the future of surfing in India and led surfers into the water for the first mornings 'Open Expression Session'. The event was well attended and media agencies from Orissa gave it good coverage. 
Getting There

The festival venue is located at Lotus Eco Resort, which is at the river mouth adjacent to Ramchandi Beach. It is located at Puri-Konark Marine Drive. Regular buses from Puri to Konark are available that you can use to get to the festival, just tell them you want to stop at Lotus! Taxis and auto-rickshaws are also an option.

Nearest railway station: Puri - 15 km.

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar - 70 km.

Nearest International Airport: Kolkata - 375 kms.

For Further Enquiries:
Call: +91-8338084514
Email: indiasurffestival@gmail.com
Website: www.indiasurffestival.com