About the program: The ISA is proud to award academic surf scholarships to U18 junior surfers.  The Individual Scholarship Program's main objective is to provide financial support to junior surfers who demonstrate an actual need, in order to facilitate an experience in surfing while encouraging the importance of education. The money must be used to travel to surf contests, and/or upgrade their surfing equipment and to foster the junior surfer’s education.

ISA scholarship announcement in International Surfing Association website: http://www.isasurf.org/newsletter/breaking-news/233.html

Surfing Federation of India (SFI) is proud to announce that Jyothi M Bangera has been selected for the ISA 2012 Scholarship Program. First Indian girl surfer to receive ISA Scholarship.

SFI appreciates ISA's continued support for the growth of Surfing in India.

About Jyothi,

Name: Jyothi M. Bangera

D.O.B: 08/02/1998

Address: Gajani House, Kolachi Kampala, Mulki, Mangalore, India

Surf Club:  Mantra Surf Club

Biography: HI, I am Jyothi M Bangera.

We are three members in our family, My mother, My younger sister and I.

My father passed away in a tragic road accident nine years ago, when I was only five years old.

I started surfing in January-2012 because I want to help my mother in any way that I can and learning surfing promises a bright future for me and my family.

I want to become a good surfer to represent India and I want to help our country.

I go to school, Tuition, I play with my friends, I do my homework, in my free time I go surfing with Mantra Surf Club and I go to Temple to worship our God.

I am very thankful to the International Surfing Association(ISA), headed by President Mr. Fernando Aguerre, to have received the ISA scholarship program of 1000$ USD towards the betterment of my schooling and surfing.

I am also thankful to Surfing Federation of India (SFI) for considering me as a worthy applicant towards ISA scholarship.