Ismail Miglal has conquered the Open Men’s division of the Covelong Point Surf and Music Festival 2014, held in Covelong, India.

Up to 120 surfers participated in yet another surfing contest promoted in Indian waters. The three-day event attracted over 8000 people.

The organizers confirmed that the Covelong Point Surf and Music Festival saw a drastic rise in skill levels of the nation’s most talented surfers, but it also displayed a fully-committed performance by several international wave riders.

The highest scoring wave of the competition was locked in by Ismail Miglal, from the Maldives, who stole a 9-point ride from the judges, with a collection of perfect snaps, cutbacks, and floaters. He won the Open Men’s division, and he was followed by Samai Reboul and Surya P.

The Women’s contest, Suhasini took the title with superior wave reading and selection, despite rising talents Sinchana and Aneesha – who are only 12 and 13 – beating out many of the more experienced female surfers.

A skateboarder, Dharani S., won the Juniors division, with a 6-point wave punctuated by three snaps, a very nice cutback, and an interesting floater. Appas Ali won the Grom contest with higher technique and clear wave finishes.

“What’s truly amazing to see is how drastically the level of surfing in India has increased, and at such a fast pace! And what’s incredible, is how connected these surfers are to the ocean – especially the ones who come from fishing communities like Covelong village,” explain Yotam Agam and Arun Vasu founders of the event.

“We want to continue to support and nurture these talented young surfers, and empower the community with initiatives surrounding their passion for surfing.”

Covelong Point Surf and Music Festival 2014 | Final Results

1. Ismail Miglal
2. Samai Reboul
3. Surya P.

1. Suhasini Damian
2. Sinchana Gowda
3. Aneesha Nayak

1. Dharani S
2. Deekshith
3. Munvar Hussain

1. Appas Ali
2. Satish Ummidhi
3. Raghul G.

1. Sekar P.
2. Vignesh V
3. Kiran Kumar

1. Murthy Megavan
2. Velmurugan
3. Sandeep Samuel