Today, on Wednesday, August 3rd, the International Olympic Committee voted in favor of including surfing in the Tokyo Games. So in 2020, 20 men and 20 women surfers will compete for an Olympic gold medal. This is a game-changing moment for Surfing.


To jump right in, what do you hope Olympic inclusion will do for surfing?

The extraordinary reach and influence of the Olympic Movement will have an immediate positive impact on surfing. Surfing’s increased visibility through the Olympic platform will allow us to reach millions of new surfers, especially in many non-traditional surfing countries. Surfing will bring its healthy lifestyle and core values to these countries, in addition to providing economic growth to developing nations through surf tourism.

"We congratulate and sincerely thank the International Surfing Association led by President Fernando Aguerre for their effort over the past two decades to make this Olympic dream come true,” (SFI President) Kishore Kumar said.