International Surfing Ambassador of India

Paddy Upton

Universally known as a master of mental conditioning on the cricket field, Paddy Upton is also a stoked surfer and supporter of the sport of surfing.  From 2008 thru 2011 when India won the World Cup, Paddy was the Mental Conditioning Coach for the Indian National Cricket Team. During this time Paddy also took a timeout to surf some great waves in India.

Befriending many up and coming surfers in India, Paddy was eager to lend his advice and professional experience to guide the Surfing Federation of India. We are now proud to have Paddy Upton as an official Ambassador of Surfing in India.

Presently, Paddy is also the Mental Conditioning Coach for the South African Cricket Team.

Paddy is also currently appointed as the High Performance Coach for the Pune Warriors India in the Indian Premier League.

Many thanks to Paddy Upton.