India’s first official national Surfing and Stand up Paddle (SUP) competition got underway at the renowned beach town of Kovalam in Kerala on 3rd/ 4th/ 5th May 2013.

Spice Coast Open a grand success

Surfing Federation of India which is the national governing body for surfing in India organized this event with the support of the Kerala Tourism Department.

The three-day event had Surfing competition for groms (under 16), juniors (under 21), seniors (under 28) and masters (over 29) categories. The event also had SUP race for SUP enthusiasts with two categories under 25 and above 25.

The event also saw a few foreign surfers taking part in the Open category. Altogether, more than 100 participants from around the country took part in the Spice Coast Open.

The event also saw Jonty Rhodes, ex-South African cricketing star who is also an avid surfer, with a huge fan base in India inaugurating the event with some inspiring words to all the participants. Later he addressed the media about surfing, surf culture and praised the efforts of SFI in promoting the sport in India.

Surfing Federation of India had also roped in international ISA judges from Thailand to preside over the event.

Over the course of three days, the event had excellent crowd turnout with a lot of curiosity to know about the sport of surfing. The event got extensive national media coverage and wide publicity throughout the duration of the event.

spice coast open hot starts indian surf scene

Surfing Federation of India is already looking forward to next year to make Spice Coast Open a much bigger and better event than this year.

Here’s the list of Indian nationals who won the first official surfing competition in India held by Surfing Federation Of India.


1 – G. Ragul – Mahabalipuram
2 – Krishna – Kovalam, Kerala
3 – Remesh – Kovalam, Kerala


1 – Nissam – Kovalam, Kerala
2 – Deekshith – Mulki, Karnataka
3 – Dharani – Cove Along Point, Tamil Nadu


1 – D. Manikandan -  Cove Along Point, Tamil Nadu
2 – Santosh – Mahabalipuram, Chennai
3 – V. Vignesh – Cove Along Point, Tamil Nadu


1 – Shankar V – Tamil Nadu
2 – Murthy – Cove Along Point, Tamil Nadu
3 – Velu Murugan – Tamil Nadu


1 – Jyothi – Mulki, Karnataka
2 – Chetana - Mulki, Karnataka
3 – Atita – Bangalore