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Surfing in India gets spiritual boost

Surfing India article in In India, riding waves is more than a sport. Surfing is a new form of spiritual meditation for the new generation of "swami surfers". India is slowly exploring the potential of its 7500 kilometres of coastline.

Surfing Federation of India on Wikipedia

Surfing Federation of India Information and History is now available on Wikipedia. India entered the international surfing scene with the recognition of the Surfing India Association by the International Surfing Association, the world's governing body.

India surf festival
Surfing Yogis are organizing India's first ever Surf Festival, Surfers from all over India are attending this Festival. Who should visit: Travel enthusiasts, surfers,photographers.
India surf shop image
Welcome to India's surf shop. India's 1st online surf shop enables you to view and buy your preferred products online. Surfing is a new sport on the Indian horizon. The subcontinent has about 7000km of coastline with empty lineups and some unknown.

China held it's first ISA and ASP surf event for the first time in Hainan Islands of China. It was one of the most important events showcasing China's potential in surfing. Kishore Kumar (President) of Surfing Federation of India was there representing In

Tamil Nadu surf school
SFI (Surfing Federation of India) has started to work with near by surf schools by setting the coaching standards and water safety


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