Surfing Federation of India (SFI)

National Governing Body for Surfing in India.

Surfing Federation of India was established in 2011-12 by a group of Indian surfers from Mantra Surf Club also known as Surfing India. These surfers were some of the early pioneers of surfing in India. Later they went onto dedicate their time and energy to make surfing an acknowledged sport in India by taking surfing to all ages of people from all walks of life through the Surfing Federation of India.

Surfing Federation of India is a non-profit organization run by surfers for surfers, recognized as the National Governing Body [NGB] for surfing in India by the International Surfing Association [ISA], the World Governing Authority body for Surfing.

The Surfing Federation of India is in co-operation with the International Surfing Association represents the sport, across its disciplines of a shortboard, longboard, bodyboard, body surf, kneeboard, and stand up paddleboard, at the highest level.

The Surfing Federation of India’s primary purpose is to support and develop surfing in India. It does this in a number of ways but operates as a membership organization offering service to surfers, affiliations to surf clubs, and accreditations to surf coaches and surf schools. It is also the goal of the Surfing Federation of India to select surfers from India to form a National Surf Team, to host national and international surfing competitions, and to invite people from the international surfing community to come to India and explore the surf destinations along India’s 7000 kilometers of coastline. At a grassroots level, it supports surf clubs, helps break down barriers to surfing, educates on safety and etiquette, works to protect the environment, and much more.

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