Benefits of Accreditation


Community Recognition

SFI maintains high standards before granting membership to schools. Our members are regarded as schools that are high quality with the best safety standards.


Be Legit

SFI represents its members in State and National liaison meetings with the Government. The annual list of members is shared Government agencies to showcase accredited schools compliant with our guidelines.


Get Branded

Receive a welcome kit with some branded merchandise to flaunt your accreditation with the national surfing body. Get your school logo featured on the SFI website as well.


Promote your school

Get promoted through the SFI network and increase your visibility. SFI dedicates resources to build the surfing community by increasing visibility of the sport. All members get listed on the SFI website and mentioned in social media promotion.


Host an event

SFI members get the opportunity to host State, National and International level competitions.


Host an Instructor training program

SFI members get the opportunity to host ISA training programs and gain visibility through the instructor network.


Invest back into surfing

Be a part of the leading surf schools that strive for safe and sustainable development of the sport.