Apply for Accreditation

Who can apply for accreditation

A legal entity in India operating training, coaching, or trips which include surfing or stand up paddleboarding and follow the guidelines set by SFI - link

Application fee

For new Surf/SUP schools or clubs Rs. 10,000 per annum
For accredited Surf/SUP schools or clubs Rs. 8,000 per annum

Application is a 3 step process

Step 1

Submit your details, upload supporting documents and pay the SFI membership fee

Step 2

Verification of the documents by SFI with the declaration of status as Approved or Pending

Step 3

Receive your membership certificate


(Any government-issued document like PAN Card, GST Certificate, Aadhar, Incorporation Certificate, Partnership agreement, Society or Association document proving the legal status of your business)
(Aadhar card, passport, driving license, or voter ID)
By submitting the form I agree to comply with all the guidelines, code of ethics, and relevant regulations set by the Surfing Federation of India.
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