Who can register as a school/club/academy with the Surfing Federation of  India?

  • Registered Business Entity with Address. 

◦ Supporting documents for legal trade.

◦ The company should be in the business for operating surfing  or stand up paddle boarding with their own instructors & equipment (sales agents, aggregators & allied services cannot  get accredited as Surf/SUP Schools).


  • Communication Requirement. 

◦ Published information about the activity provided at the school/ club/academy via website/brochure or email

◦ Fair booking policy & cancelation policy should be available at the site or online prior to accepting booking

◦ Spot plan/map should be displayed on-site

◦ Safety Notice Board should be present on-site

◦ Weather forecast should be displayed on-site

◦ Emergency Contact Numbers should be displayed on-site

◦ Safety Briefing should be conducted by the instructors/coach prior to starting any session.

  • Qualified Instructors/Coaches 

◦ The surf/SUP school should have at least 1 experienced ISA  certified instructor with an active status.

◦ All support beach staff should be qualified lifeguards with an active ILS certification.

◦ A register of all employees shall be maintained at all times with a copy of employee identity proof, emergency contact, next of kin, insurance, qualification & other requisite details.

◦ Non-certified instructors should not teach beginners independently under any circumstances.


◦ Activity Information with site map

◦ Preparing for a session plan with equipment checklist ◦ Indemnity/Release of liability form and Feedback Form ◦ Safety Briefing

◦ Emergency Action Plan

◦ Emergency & Rescue methodology

◦ Accident/Incident Report methodology


  • Sustainability Plan 

◦ Leave no trace pledge

◦ Support local talent/skill upgradation

  • Equipment 

◦ Training gear

◦ Safety gear

◦ Maintenance Shed

◦ Storage area

We recommend all existing members start preparing to conform to the guidelines. This means to start thinking about all aspects that will help improve the way the sport is delivered to beginners, as we are all working towards the same goal- a better surfing future!