Chennai, August 27th, 2017: The Fifth edition of Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival 2017 came to an exhilarating finish as the Covelong Point Beach reveled with cheers for the participants in the finals today. Navin Kumar and Ramesh Hannuman won the Novice (Under 12) and Juniors (17 to 22 Years) Categories. In the Groms Category (Under 16), Ajeesh Ali defended his title pretty well by securing a top finish yet again. Suhasini Damian secured the top spot in the Women Category (All Age- Local) while the Women Category (All Age- International) saw Brigid Hayes emerge victorious in this category. Raghul Panneerselvam and Palani Vijayan clinched the champion’s position in the Seniors Category (23- 30 years) &Masters Category (Above 30 years). Gus Hugo earned the champions spot in the Open category. Sekar Patchai and Vilassini Sundar were the champions in the Stand- Up Paddling Category (Male & Female) Competition.

Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival 2017 is sanctioned by Surfing Federation of India and is presented by the TT group and produced by the award-winning production house- EarthSync. The final day of the three-day surfing, yoga and music extravaganza also saw high energy performances from popular music bands such as Skrat, Divine and the Raghu Dixit Project – the beach was packed with audience members who came out to catch their favorite bands at the music festival. The closing ceremony was attended by the Chief Guest – Dr. C SylendraBabu – the Additional Director General of Police (Coastal Security).

“I would like to congratulate all the winners for their amazing performances. I would also like to give a huge round of applause to all the participants as well for daring to brave the sea in difficult conditions. It is always special to see so many surfers come together for the Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival 2017. Not only has the surfing community in India but locals, as well as the government, has seen the potential of this event grow every year.”, said Rammohan Paranjape, Vice- President, Surfing Federation of India as he highlighted about the surfing event.

“Covelong Village has been home for some of the top surfers of our country and we at the TT Group have always been proud to extend our support towards developing and nurturing surfers and the sport across the country. For the last five editions of Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival 2017, my team and I have worked really hard to make sure we maintain the essence of the surfing competition and the festival as a whole. Looking at the growing support from people who come and witness the festival only assures me that surfing has a long way to go”, says Arun Vasu, MD, TT Group as he addressed the crowd during the closing ceremony of the festival.

The Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival 2017 is the most coveted Surfing festivals at the Eastern Coast of India and is a pilgrimage of sorts to Surfers, Yogis, and Musicians. The event besides TT Group is also sponsored by Laxmi Machine Works, Radian Realty, AVS, Fryums, TVS Motors, Leo Coffee, Venkat Raman Memorial Trust, Nippo, Energy Baba House, Decathlon, Eva Deo, Vidiem, Chola, Cub, City Union Bank Limited, Ecstasea, One Life, MRF Zapper, Tulive, Isuzu, Track and trail.

The results of the surfing competitions are highlighted below:

Novice (Under 12):

 1st: Navin Kumar | 2nd: Akhilan S. | 3rd: Srikanth

Groms Category (Under 16):

1st: Ajeesh Ali | 2nd: Sanjay Selvamani | 3rd: Ruban Vasudevan

Juniors Category (17- 22 Years):

1st: Ramesh Hanuman | 2nd: Surya P. | 3rd: Ragul Govind

Seniors Category (23- 30 Years):

1st: Raghul Panneerselvam | 2nd: Mani Kandan | 3rd: Sekar P

Masters Category( Above 30 Years):

1st: Palani Vijayan | 2nd: Velumurugan Vallathan | 3rd: Mukesh Panjanathan

Women (All Age- Local):

1st: Suhasini Damian | 2nd: Sinchana Gowda | 3rd: Vilassini Sundar

Women Category (All Age- International):

1st: Brigid Hayes | 2nd: Kellie Van Eyk | 3rd: Kate Hayes

Masters Category ( Above 30 Years): 

1st: Palani Vijayan | 2nd: Velumurugan Vallanthan | 3rd: Mukesh Panjanathan

Open Category:

1st: Gus Hogno | 2nd: Milan Andra Hennathige

Stand- Up Paddling Competition (Male):

1st : Sekar Patchai | 2nd : Vignesh | 3rd : Rajsekar

Stand- Up Paddling Competition (Female):

1st: Vilassini Sundar | 2nd: Tanvi Jagdish | 3rd: Harshitha Achar