National Stand Up Paddle Championship under the aegis of Surfing Federation of India & hosted by The Alampara, in Marakkanam, Tamilnadu, India.


Race Formats


Men’s National
Women’s National

Open Category - Mixed Fun sprint


Men’s National

9:00 amRegistration
11:00 amMen’s National Sprint - Round 1
11:15 amWomen’s National Sprint - Round 1
11:30 amMen’s National Sprint - Round 2
11:45 amWomen’s National Sprint - Round 2
12:00 pmOpen Fun sprint - Mixed - Round 1
01:00 pmLunch
03:00 pmWomen’s National Sprint - Finals
03:15 pmMen’s National Sprint - Finals
03:30 pmOpen Fun sprint - Mixed - Finals
04:00 pmMen’s National Technical - Finals
05:00 pmExperience SUP - fun workshop


- Each competitor must sign the indemnity declaration on the Registration Form before the event. If the competitor is under 18, the parent or guardian must sign the form.

- Online Registrations will open on 5th of March 2022 on

- Last day for registration will be the 21st of March 2022

- No spot registrations will be accepted

- Each competitor must be present at the Official Race Briefing.

- Minimum of 4 competitors are required to run any race category.

- Non-Indian passport holders who have contested before in SFI events can only take part

- In the National Category, only Raceboards (hardboard and inflatable) below 12.6 in size will be allowed.

- Participants must carry their own equipment, spares & repairs, no gear will be provided in any category (If you wish to rent any equipment you should contact the host directly)

- In the national category race equipment will be measured & registered to the participant (sharing of equipment is not allowed)

- All competitors must be members of SFI & provide a membership number

- The organizing authority reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry


Course completion: Any competitor failing to round all designated buoys will be disqualified from the race. Paddlers must complete the designated course.

Five Stroke Rule: If you fall you have 5 strokes to get back on your feet and stand up. This rule is in effect so a paddler does not achieve an advantage by not standing up. You must complete the course standing upon your board.

Drafting: Drafting is allowed, but only within your own gender and race class. For example, a female racer may not draft a male, and vice versa.

Race Equipment: Paddleboard Race Class - Any raceboard upto 12.6 feet with a paddle & leash.

Leash Rules: All competitors will be required mandatorily to use a leash which is tethered to the board while racing. Life jackets are recommended but not required.

Water Start: Participants will form a straight pre-line perpendicular to the first buoy and will stand between two flagged points (Buoys). Both feet standing on the water (sit on the board), one hand on the board and paddle in the other hand.

The race director will give a 5 minute, 3 minute and 2 minute warning for the start 1 minute before the start of the race, the race director will call “Racers to the line” All competitors can make forward progress towards the start line without crossing it. The race Director will give a GO signal that will either be verbal over a loudspeaker, or by a horn sounding; no other audible signals will be given before the start of the race. All participants that cross the start line for any reason before the official start of the race will be given a 3 minute penalty. If there is a false start, all racers will be brought back to the pre-line for a restart. Upon the second false start the competitor that started early will be given a 3 minute penalty.


1. A competitor must be standing while paddling once a race has started until crossing over the finish line. A competitor is allowed to sit, lay, or kneel to rest without making forward progress. If a competitor takes more than five strokes while sitting, laying, or kneeling once a race has started the competitor may be given a 3 minute penalty at the discretion of the race director. The exception with this would be for safety reasons where a competitor needs to avoid or may be put into a potentially dangerous situation that would put them or others at risk of injury and or property damage.

2. A competitor shall only use the paddle, waves, and wind to propel the board forward during a race. No outside assistance drafting a vessel not in the race, or any other speed device not considered the norm to SUP racing is allowed. Boat wakes are considered natural conditions unless a competitor is deemed as getting an unfair advantage over other competitors.

3. The safety of all participants and competitions is the number one priority of the race organizers. Participants shall attend all competitor meetings and race postings to keep themselves informed with the typical conditions for the race and also the day of conditions to be expected. Race Directors will warn the competitors of any dangers that could occur and where all safety personnel will be located on the course during the pre-race competitors meeting. Competitors shall be mindful of the hand signals to be used if someone is injured, in danger (paddle in the air, waving, or erect), or in need of help but not injured (hand in the air). All competitors should be mindful of any person that may be in danger during the course of the race and should assist or help get safety staff attention.

4. All competitors must complete the course as placed in the water, and must safely go around all floating turn buoys. Failure to go around all buoys as required will result in disqualification, also the buoys must be rounded in the direction explained in the race map. Any competitor that has missed a buoy or turned it the wrong direction can go back and do this correctly as long as they haven’t crossed the finish line.



Men’s National

  • First Place : ₹ 15,000
  • Second Place : ₹ 10,000
  • Third Place : ₹ 5,000

Women’s National

  • First Place : ₹ 15,000
  • Second Place : ₹ 10,000
  • Third Place : ₹ 5,000

Open Fun race

- Trophy’s & Vouchers


Men’s National

  • First Place : ₹ 15,000
  • Second Place : ₹ 10,000
  • Third Place : ₹ 5,000


- A total of 10 Starboard Inflatable raceboards will be available to rent on first come-first serve basis. Once a board is assigned to a participant, it cannot be exchanged or shared.

- The cost of the board rental is ₹1000. This is exclusive of the entry fee.

- Call 9790921955 to secure a board.
The last day to rent a board will be 21st of March.